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In this article, we will understand how to raise exceptions from a Web service by using the Soap Exception object that provides an industry-standard way of representing a SOAP Fault.

We will also see how to handle this exception from the Web service consumer application.

In order to do this, your client application will need to be configured to either require authentication or provide authentication for unauthenticated URLs (the latter would be appropriate for applications which are expecting the Site Minder TAI to pre-populate an authenticated user identity).

In that case, you need an effective way of handling those exceptions and informing the callers of the exception of the same. NET Web service is provided by the try...catch...finally statement.

Ensure that this setting is inherited by all child levels (i.e.

the port, and all methods) 4) Click the checkbox to select the HTMJAXWSService Service in the Policy Set Attachments list, then click on "Default" in the Assign Binding drop down list 5) Save all changes to the master configuration Conclusion It should now be possible to call from your client through to the HTM API using LTPA authentication.

Web Services are a relatively new way to achieve distributed computing.

In distributed computing, applications are designed as services that run on a server.

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