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Updating software unlocked phone

Traditionally, Apple releases new cellphones versions, every year in 3rd quarter.

With other factors remain normal, Q3/16 will the time when one should expect next i Phone 7 and may be i Pod touch 7th generation too.

Apple i Phone 7 Preorder tracker is up online on i Phone 7 apple website, right after the official unveiling event.

The upcoming i Phone 7 and i Phone 7 plus public release on Apple Stores is expected on 25 September, 2016.

Some users were able to get i OS 7 on i Phone 3GS through jailbreak method but it failed to perform well.

Everyone from Mac World, Apple Insider and i Phone7buzz to GSMarena and Forbes is busy publishing i Phone 7 rumors and i Phone 7 news.

Below are the expected i Phone 7 prices in other countries: You can see that best i Phone 7 price is United States with France being the most costly one.

It is surely the first thing Apple users want to know these days.

You can checkout these i OS 10 feature details in Apple i Phone 7 Specification and features section in this article.

i Phone 6, i Phone 6 Plus, i Phone 6S and i Phone 6S Plus user will get the new i OS10 upgrade free, soon after new i Phone 7 release date.

Odds are that you’ve never even cracked open the user manual since the way just about everything works is pretty obvious. there are many small “convenience features” that are often hidden away.

If Apple exposed them in a more obvious way, it’d take away from the elegance of the device. I’m sure that many of you are “power users” and probably know most of these tips and tricks.

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