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After this trip, the gay rumors about Sam were eveywhere and Luke -an actor and writer-. People who met Heughan at the British theatre, say that Sam was openly gay before Starz contract:[quote]"Knew him in the theatre scene back in the day. And openly gay then."[quote]"Oh darling, of course I’m an old gossip. Everyone in the biz knows he’s gay, which is not a big deal here.

But it is in the US and in the movie industry, so I don’t think anyone was shocked or upset that he’s decided to closet. It’s like Luke Evans 2.0"The symbol for a man followed by a huge smile is Sam's response to a followers question about if he's got anything planned after wrapping filming on Outlander and before doing the spy movie/Outlander promotional work for its premiere. He maybe forced by Lionsgate to use the beard they hired for him but he won't be totally silenced regarding his preferences and desires.

Seems to be less photo ops of them and online back and forth. Love Sam whatever his sexual orientation is and wish him all the best.

I think he has major star potential.[quote]well he has and does have very close female friends R15, yes, we have close female friends, too, but we have no interest in fucking them.

Queer actors are typically pigeonholed into playing roles that align with their gender and sexuality, but here, openly gay men play everything from heterosexual love interests to escape artists and ISIL villains. [quote]“It’s exciting to see that [Wentworth] coming out has not had any effect on how much people love the show,” El Gamal told Huff Post. It's so sad.[quote]They are not only blind but also horrified to see him as a gay man. You can hide your true self and try to please everyone, which ends up pissing off the people you care about or you can self-advocate and be the change you want to see in the world, which ends up pissing off the people you don't care about.[quote]The beard got a little out of control with liking a really ugly IG story on her BFF Paydin IG account.With increasing visibility - and increasing financial investment - may come even more bearding stunts.How does Sam having close female friends make him possibly Bi?R4, I started this thread that is, clearly, about GAY Sam Heughan.Sadly, if his bearding with MM is not over -we'll see what happens during the next weeks- we'll have to talk about the shamzie fauxmance too, like we've done in the last threads.

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It's at times like that - and any time he is in LA for ANY reason - that he gets into trouble with the little blonde people.