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Yahoo has understandably voiced strong denunciations of the program, calling it a “whole new level” of violation of their users’ privacy.

Many are comparing the invasion to George Orwell’s Big Brother, which looked in on citizens via cameras in the home, but it’s worth noting that Big Brother at least provided the cameras at no personal cost; this sort of surveillance uses cameras purchased by the victims themselves.

As we see here, that relationship definitely runs both ways.

(Read: Tech giants team up to battle NSA surveillance, governmental snooping.) was a better name for the program?

At the end of last year, researchers showed that it’s pretty easy to hack into most built-in webcams and use them to spy without even turning on the webcam light.

The implication is that narrowing the target group would allow denser data collection.

This provides strong evidence (if not outright proof) of one of the most pervasive conspiracy theories about global surveillance: that international alliances fundamentally undermine limitations on domestic spying.

Though the documents do not explicitly refer to collection of American conversations, GCHQ has no ability (nor stated wish) to exclude US or UK connections from the Optic Nerve program, making it a virtual certainty that such records were collected in enormous volumes. Americans may not spy on Americans, nor Britons on Britons — but of course, an American could spy on a Canadian.

The Snowden documents reveal no specific discussion of the legal or privacy implication of collecting and storing webcam information in the first place, however.

(Read: How to use the 25% of the internet that the NSA doesn’t monitor.)From basic privacy concerns to possible future blackmail, this is a revelation that strikes most internet users harder than metadata collection or Google cookie exploits.

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