Dating opposites

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When considering whether a particular person is a good relationship candidate for you look to four specific areas.Energy Level – If she likes to go dancing three times a week and he loves to relax on the couch most nights…look out. “If you want to find a great relationship, look for an opposite.” Is that the best approach?How can someone who has a different set of values, attitudes and hobbies be so attractive?It has always been difficult, and it’s become even more so, as diversity increases.But when two people come from similar backgrounds, they operate from a position of strength.People are matched by taking a short quiz of multiple choice and preference questions.

Accommodation and compromise will necessitate plenty of change.

My ideal dinner consists of sashimi and his, porterhouse.

While I obsess about how good One Direction is, he jams out to Iron Maiden or Pantera.

He has a love affair with the movie theater, and I live for my frequent flier mileage program. Think about your best friends for a moment and all the common interests you share with them.

I didn't marry my best friend, nor do I wish I had.

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