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Kilmer famously came head to head with director Joel Schumacher, who told him that his poor treatment of the crew was unacceptable.

Long ago, Val Kilmer was a promising actor in the Hollywood arena.

If you scroll to the bottom, you will see a the link in bold.

I wanted to start off the spring semester with a thoughtful treat to my college faculty, and this was perfect!!

Here are a few simple diva ideas that are EASY to apply to your favorite “lovin’ place” and can be used again and again. If you’re like me and don’t like the thought of half melted candles in your room decor, consider the little tea lights. Whether it’s soft country, a mixed CD of the love songs you like best, or more of a relaxing “spa sounds” that create the ambiance you’re going for…one thing is certain – music definitely changes the atmosphere of a room! *********************************** wants to be surrounded by piles of “stuff” and “junk” in what is supposed to be your getaway room. The clean look is refreshing and definitely more of an invitation to relax. This usually goes without saying, but since we’re being candid…

It’s kinda like the good feeling you get at a hotel when you walk in and suddenly your bed looks brand new again and you can’t wait to mess it up! It doesn’t have to be Egyptian Cotton, but what a difference it makes to crawl into something soft and romantic vs. *nod* If you don’t love your sheets, start keeping an eye open for sales (especially at TJ Maxx, Ross, or similar stores). ) but don’t underestimate the power of just wearing one of his dress shirts partially unbuttoned or your bathrobe over your little beautiful self!

And yet, every director he has ever worked with has something very nasty to say about him, which has likely led to the state of his career being barely a career nowadays.

Everything is so cute and the PDF is super easy to print and make everything. This illustrated book teaches all about the death and resurrection of Christ, and how the Easter symbols all around us remind us of the resurrection! This can be a negative thing if overdone though, so remember a little goes a long way! One more way to invite the LOVE factor into your bedroom is to throw in some all-about-love vinyl lettering! When you’re going for a romantic environment that is all about you and the spouse, there is ZERO room for a TV in the bedroom. ” Not to mention that making your spouse the focus of your attention will get you Make sure the kids are down, phones are off the hook, cells phones are turned off, and the PETS are outta the room! The first thing that comes to my mind is soft lighting! You can get a ton of them for , and they’re basically disposable. *********************************** Candles can totally do “double duty” in this department – smell lovely along with mood lighting. Ultimately, any diva wants her bedroom to feel totally different than any other room in the house, right? Quick question…once I click into the sayings…how do I print just one, rather than the whole page of sayings? We were thinking it might also be fun to have some for the different datings divas candy tags. Karissa- try saving the file to your desktop first and then open and print that file and it should print perfectly.

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And this is JAM-PACKED with tons of things – you will not be disappointed! Check out everything in this easy-to-print PDF: Help your family learn more about the true meaning of Easter in a fun and creative way. We have three printable flip books for you – just print, cut, punch holes, and attach with string or book ring. You can get all three of these printable books HERE. The illustrations teach the story of Christ, and the red-headed girl on the bottom gives tips and insights. You can see this book, and a lot more pictures, HERE.

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